Friday, October 12, 2007

meet our logo

Thanks to all who voted, and congrats to jellostaplerman for the winning logo below. Great work to all... be sure to vote TOPEKA in the company wide competition. If we win, we all win. Win, Win.

Alright, that's not actually the logo.... just a cheap imitation of the real logo below:

Monday, October 8, 2007

Voting for task 1 has REopened

GO VOTE! Remember the rules, that it must have an infinity, must say "Dunder Mifflin, Topeka" with no other text. Not to snub some of the logos, but we want ours to be in the running for BEST IN COMPANY.

It seems that the voting is closed again... perhaps they are fixing the bugs I mentioned below. If you have a bugged logo, you might try fixing it now... who knows... maybe it'll work out.

Below are all of your options. By my count, there were 89 logos made. I think this is a poor showing and I hope we can step it up on the next few tasks. Something is better than nothing.

Unfortunately, it seems that anyone who layered their logo got screwed. There are several that looked quite detailed, but since are jumbly. Too bad... hopefully corporate can improve the system as time goes by.

For now, be sure to head on over to the DMI site and vote for what you think is the best. We all get rewarded if we have the best in the company... so be sure to pick the best overall logo.

-the boss

Task 1 Logos

Below are 12 samples of some of the logos that were submitted for Task #1. If you'd like yours posted for all to see, email me a pic at

Great work and thanks to those who've already emailed me their logo. We should be voting soon.

The Office: s04e02a Dunder Mifflin Infinity - QUIZ RESULTS

I might point out that these quiz results are unofficial, not worth Schrutebucks, and are only braggable insomuch as the contestants don't cheat. So, if you did well without any aides, congrats. Some questions are pretty particular.
-the boss

The Office s04e01: Fun Run - QUIZ RESULTS

Here are the latest results for the Fun Run Quiz:
(take the quiz at: The Office s04e01: Fun Run )

Greetings Employees

I hope that this blog strikes fear into your souls. Welcome to the DMI Topeka Blog (currently easier to use then the Forum on our page, and with more features). Unfortunately, I'm the only one who can start threads here. So we'll see how much we use it.

For now, I'll be using it to report quiz scores and any relevant pictures/media that we cannot presently post on the DMI page. So, stay tuned for more!
- the boss